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    There was no work that day at the office and the two female colleague was very bored.

    They started chatting about some random things and they find out one interesting fact about each other.

    They both are lesbian! How cool is that? After that knowledge one of the girls started with flirting.

    "I like your lips they look like you did lip augmentation?" and the other blonde babe said "Haha, no I haven't but thanks! I like everything about you.

    I have masturbated so many times thinking about you naked." And that is where the fun begins.

    The pretty slut came to her friend and kissed her.

    They continued with touching, kissing and then took all of their clothes and started sucking each others tits.

    Small one but very cute.

    Sitting in the chair and enjoying while being licked and fingered the younger bitch was moaning and shaking to feel orgasm as soon as possible.

    Because they were afraid what if boss come into the work room? So after one orgasm it was turn on other chick.

    She lean onto the black desk and rubbing her wet shaved pussy while feeling big dildo deep inside her vagina.

    That was amazing feeling.

    Finally she is being fucked by her dream girl.

    After this woman got her satisfaction too they dressed up, got back to their positions and smiling for the rest of the day.

    They met at each others houses later and every night since then.

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